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Since 140 years the name Brucks stay for Quality in coppersmiths and machinery workmenship. 1st of October 1863 Brucks was founded as a coppersmiths. Mainly pieces of the daily life were produced and repaired like cooking pans. As the second Generation entered in 1887 the company changed into an industrialized factory. This means , that revolving-machines entered the factory as well as a small yellow-foundry was built. (1900)

At that moment Brucks was better than the other coppersmiths. The copper-bath-ovens could completely built with selfmade redcasted fittings workable at the own revolving machines.At the same time Brucks began, as the first company in our area , to built heating plants with radiator for houses.(1912)

With the entry of Walter Brucks 1921 following his father , who died 1906 , Brucks was a wellknown great industrial company.The factory workers grow up from 3 (1900) to 90 (1938).

In the section coppersmiths coffemachines, Boiler, doublewalled vessels, sugar-cooking-vessels, complete Lime-cooking-kitchens and all kinds of destillation apparatus were built.

In the section machinery special machines for the glass-and corkindustry were built.

In the section foundry Aluminium and red-casted pieces were built in sand or die.

After 1945 the products must be changed.For the paper-, milk and beverageindustry special apparatus were built as well as in former times , but in 1948 not only sugar-cooking-vessels are built even coating pans as the new product.

1952 the first patent was given by the munich-patent-office for the first slewable coating pan, who tooks the name Walter Brucks all over the world and more than 6000 machines were built until now.

1960 Heinrich-Dieter Brucks entered the company following his father in the 4 th Generation. After loosing the complete factory worker until 3 of them in case of the building of a new company by one main customer and our managing clerk , the section coppersmiths was reduced only for building the coating pans. 1968 the first belt coater is made by Brucks.

Karl-Heinrich Brucks entered the company 1986 after the early death of his father 1983 in the 5th Generation.Under his leadingship the coater was developped in 1988.This development was necassary , but the financial possibilities of the company were not enough to go further on. The company must be changed in 1991. We left our own building and started at the beginning.

In 1998 the wife of Karl-Heinrich Brucks entered the company as the owner. He became the General Manager and with her knowledge the company got new acts on impulse. Under the management of Mrs.Dipl.Ing.Penka Brucks SPS-programs were built for our machines.Today we are proud of our small productive company who is able to deliver to all customers the machines as requested.

High Quality-best prices
is our company´s philosophy.

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